Breeding care into every puppy!

My wife Jodi and I take great care to nurture every puppy we bring into this world.

From parent selection, to breeding, to whelping, and through the early stages of puppyhood.



Watchman German Shepherds is a serious breeder of gorgeous black and red purebred German Shepherd puppies. We only breed puppies from parents that are free from hip and elbow dysplasia as certified by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals. Our puppies are bred from World Class German Shepherd Dogs. Every puppy is sold with 1st vet check, a 2 year written health guarantee, as well as 1st vaccination, and 1st round of wormer. Our puppies come with American Kennel Club registration included. Every German Shepherd puppy for sale by Watchman German Shepherds also comes with a three generation pedigree from the A.K.C., along with house training, and socialization information.



To us the German shepherd dog should be first and last owned for companionship in the home. Of course German shepherd dog owners enjoy having the benefit of a home and family protector second to none. We also breed for those who are interested in German shepherd dog ownership for the purpose the Show Ring, or for the disciplines of Schutzhund, or as Service dogs. It's been said that the German shepherd dog is not the best at any one thing in a dog, but that it is the best at everything. Meaning the German shepherd dog is the best all around dog.



LIKE PRODUCES LIKE would very well sum up our breeding philosophy. Genetics are as incredible as the God that made the creatures which are the sum total of their genetic make up. The canine genome is made up of 78 chromosomes, 39 chromosomes from each parent. Human beings have 46, a mosquito has 6, while a sunflower has 34. The chromosomes contain all the genetic information that will be passed on to the next generation. So that everything from sex to eye color, from size to coat color, as well as intelligence to temperament is determined by the genetic make up. The fact that there are hundreds of distinct breeds within the canine genome is enough to let us know that genetics are complex, and diverse. And while there are no absolute's in genetics there is a high degree of predictability with careful selection of mates. That predictability comes most consistently when inbreeding and line breeding is practiced. At Watchman German shepherds we do not practice inbreeding, but rather we use selective line breeding. We use the best bred German Shepherd dogs from similar lines to produce the best German Shepherd puppies available because we know that like produces like.


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