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    On this page you can get help with some basics of your German Shepherd Dog or new puppy experience.

Watchman German Shepherds will soon be offering basic dog training.


Basic Care Section

Here in the basic care section you can learn some of the day to day experiences of your German Shepherd from his or her point of view as well as other basics.  Understanding the needs of your dog will go a long way in the overall happiness of your dog or puppy.


First, I always say that dogs are not people.  We  tend to think that how we would  feel about any given situation is exactly how our dog would feel.  While dogs do experience many of the emotions that we do, such as disappointment or excitement, they, thankfully, are less complex (and complicated) than humans.   Take for example the disappointment your dog may feel when he or she wants to go with you for a car ride, but you are going to work.  We all know that German Shepherds love car rides, and therefore they must be disappointed every time we go in the car with out them.  Yes, they are disappointed initally, however they do not spend hours dwelling on the situation like our children, or as adults might.  This example can be applied to many of the situations our dogs experience day to day. So my first tip is to remember dogs are not people.                                   


Next is your dogs diet.  The two big considerations is whether to feed grain or grain free food.  In either case the nutritional break down, i.e. protein, vitamins, and fat, is always ahead of any other dietary consideration.  A puppy for example needs more fat and protein in their diet than an adult dog.  As for the grain free or grain debate I say that digestability is the deciding factor.  If your dog has loose bowels on a grain diet there is a good chance that a grain free diet is the way to go.  I have some German Shepherds that respond well to either and some that get diarrhea from food with grain.  Of course grain free is more expensive but it is a small consideration next to the effects of a grain diet in some cases.  Then there is the wet food verses dry food consideration.  I would say that the very same considerations of the grain free vs. grain diet apply in the wet vs. dry question. 


Lastly if your puppy or dog is doing well on their diet then it comes down to personal preferance.  Sometimes dry is simply easier, but wet can be a nice savory treat for your beloved German Shepherd too... you decide!

Training Section

                                                                                                                                                                              We are currently working on content for this section. Please check back soon...

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