PRICE DROP TO $2,500.00 for this litter only!

3 beautiful females from Eva are available TODAY!!


    0 Boys and 4 girls still available from this outstanding litter!


Full AKC Registration

                                                                                              Vet certified!

                                                                                               Dewormed and vaccinated!


                                                                                               World Class Breeding!!




Beautiful, helthy new litter of 10 World Class

West German Show Line

German Shepherd Puppies

born 7/7/2022 to:

Gloria vom Steiglerhof

IGP 1 

Kros Best of the Gods

SPR 2, BH, ZVV, FPr 1


Accepting deposits now 

for September 1st Release Date

*Only 1 male and 2 females available from this outstanding litter!


 Cost $3,500.00 

 Deposit $1,500.00


Planned litters for Summer/Fall 2022

                                            *Gloria vom Steiglerhof / Kros Best of the Gods          *Litter Delivered July 7th/ Release September 1st

                                            Kelly vom Leithawald / Kros Best of the Gods            Litter due September 5th/ Release November 1st

Toscana vom Seigerdorf / Kros Best of the Gods            Litter due December 9th/ Release February 3rd, 2023

    *All dates are approximate   


"Purpose bred dogs"

Invest in home protection and a family companion!

Our puppies are excellent for service and therapy companions!







Thank you for bringing Lexi into our lives. She is the whole package! Smart, cute, protective, playful and loving to the entire family.

We appreciate all the knowledge, advice and support you’ve given us this past year.

We know how much you love and care for these dogs. That gave us full confidence that we were making the right decision.

She’s been a great addition to the family and we wouldn’t have done it any other way.


Thank you,

The Thanicatt family.


We are breeders of superior German Shepherd puppies that carry the traits of many generations of highly discriminating breeding practices.

World Class German Shepherd puppy breeder in Pennsylvania

"Utility is the true criterion of beauty."

 Max Von Stephanitz - founder of

the German Shepherd dog

We breed beautiful black and red West German showline GSD's.

Watchman German Shepherds is located in Eastern Pennsylvania. We are 40 miles from Philadelphia, PA. We are close to New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, and Washington D.C.


If you are in the market for a World Class Purebred German Shepherd puppy, Watchman German Shepherds is a breeder of the best German shepherd puppies because of the superior blood lines of our parent dogs.

We specialize in service and therapy dogs.

 Our puppies are refined, intelligent, and they have superb temperament. Visit our Testimonial page, and read the many referrals from some of our happy puppy customers.

"I know George to be passionate about his dogs,

and discriminating about his breeding program.

He has acquired world class German Shepherds for breeding."


Ben J. Beiler
Former breeder


         DID YOU KNOW ...

  1. How big do GSDs get?
    • The German Shepherd is a large breed dog. GSD males are ideally 24'' to 26'', weighing between 70 to 90 pounds, and females 22'' to 24'', weighing between 50 to 70 pounds.
  2. German Shepherd Coat?
    • GSD's have an inner and an outer coat. It is true that they shed heavily at times, but a quick daily grooming with a coat "rake" helps greatly!
  3. German Shepherds as pets and therapy/service animals.
    • GSD's make superior family pets. Great with adults, children, and infants alike. Because GSD's are so loyal, intelligent, and protective they also make superb service/therapy pets. 
  4. When Breed Originated
    • The GSD originated in Germany in 1899 by Max von Stephanitz
  5. Most Famous GSD
    • The most famous GSD was Rin Tin Tin of the popular T.V. series that ran for 5 seasons on A.B.C. in the 1950's
  6. GSDs Live How Long?
    • GSD's typically live 12 to 14 years.
  7. Guarding Skills
    • GSD's are of the shepherding class of dogs, and are thus inclined to protect the home and family.
  8. Popular Breed
    • The GSD is the second most popular dog in the world. Time Magazine named the GSD Dog of the Year when they were used by Seal Team Six in bringing down Osama Bin Laden.
  9. Fine Family Companions
    • The GSD is a great family companion. Many of my customers decide on a German Shepherd because of their renown loyalty. They became familar with the breed when they were growing up either with one in the home, or through a neighbor or friend that had one.
  10. Distinguished for Loyalty
    • As mentioned already the GSD is literally known the world over for their loyalty.
  11. Unique Stack or "Pose"
    • The GSD has a unique stance known as the "stack". The fore legs are parallel and straight, while the rear legs are placed one more forward, and the other further back. This causes the head to be high, and the rump lower, giving a look of readiness and nobility. The stack pose is used in the show ring to exaggerate the dogs overall structure and is not the normal stance or position of the show line dogs.                                                       
  12. I.P.O. and Kkl                                                                                                                                                                                              *  I.P.O. is short for International Prufungs-Ordnung . In short it is an ordered examination of a dogs abilities in the diciplnes of tracking, obedience and protection. While Kkl is an abreviated form of the German word "koerklasse" This strict examination evaluates a dogs structure, temperament, and courage. It is the final evaluation of many tests and trials to determine one simple thing of the dog...breed worthiness. A dog with a Kkl rating of "passed" is deemed worthy to pass on it's traits to the next generation.



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