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                                    Prada van Contra Haus                                                                                                                                                     IPO 1 Kkl  DOB: 12/26/2016


                                       Prada has a great pedigree!

           She is very well tempered and she is perfect in color and structure.




Queeny vom Zellwaldrand

                                         DOB: 12/24/2016




Queeny is simply extraodinary!

         Queeny has an outstanding pedigree going back for many, many generations. Among them are Red Bull von der Noriswand, Jana vom Ekbarg, Willas vom Grafenbrunn, and Sultan von der Jahnhohe.



                                                                    Nikita di Casa Aquilla

                                                                        D.O.B. 3/31/16


                              Nikita is from some of the best bloodlines in Germany and Europe.

                                                                                 She is as sweet as she is beautiful!



                                                                         Nikita/Gero litter is expected 2/28/19                                                                                                             

                 ROSA VOM WATCHMAN                                         DOB: 9/4/2014

Rosa comes from extraordinary lines. Most notable in her pedigree is the vom Fichtenschlag line. Also in Rosa's blood line are such great dogs as Quantum von Arminius, Pakros D' Ulmental, and Zamp vom Thermodos to name a few. Rosa is very sweet, and she has a great temperament. Her deep red and black coat, along with her black mask go very nicely with her pretty face.

                                                                Dahlia vom Watchman

                                                                    DOB: 1/22/2012


                                                                       Dahlia is a gorgeous girl that never took a bad picture. 


                                                                  She is from the best American and West German bloodlines.



                                                                        Dahlia/Victor litter is expected 2/19/2019!





                                        Victor dei Precision

                                              IPO1 Kkl  DOB: 11/14/2016


                                            Victor is an extraordinary dog! 

                                    He is a big and very well tempered male.

                                   Victor has perfect size, color, and anatomy.


                                      Victor is available at stud for $1,000.00



                                                                                                      Gero van Contra

                                                                                                         D.O.B. 8/31/2016



                                             Gero is a Cronos son, and a Remo grand son! Two of the biggest names in West Germany and Europe!!



                                                    His coat is a deep black and red. His temperament and poise is like that of his great ancestors!!



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