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We wanted to send an update on Dexter (Kros & Wanda).  He is the best Shepherd we have ever owned (six total) and he is only 8 months old.  He is responding well to training as a support/therapy dog.  Murphy is a better dog because of Dexter's demeanor.  I attached a pic of Dexter and Murphy.  Thank you for your dedication to the breed.  You are definitely raising the bar for other breeders.
Cassie and Brian 


Maxxis still watching over his favorite girl. 

Here are two pictures that are worth many thousand words!









Thank you for bringing Lexi into our lives.

She is the whole package! Smart, cute, protective, playful and loving to the entire family.

We appreciate all the knowledge, advice and support you’ve given us this past year.

We know how much you love and care for these dogs.

That gave us full confidence that we were making the right decision.

She’s been a great addition to the family and we wouldn’t have done it any other way.


Thank you,

The Thanicatt family.

Friends I have very exciting news! For the last 3 years I have been in search of a service dog.

I have gotten turned down multiple times because I am not a veteran, my insurance wouldn’t cover it,

or the places that catered to civilians had a 4-6 year waiting list.

I’m very happy to say that with the help of friends I found a trainer with 30 years of experience who is willing to work with me to vest a dog, and change my life.

Today I spent time with the puppies and for the first time in a long time I felt totally calm. In about 4 weeks I will be able to take my doggo home and start training!

Special thanks to Watchman German Shepherds!1 





Dear George and Jodi, 

Denis and I couldn't be happier with Xena! She is a wonderful German Shepherd who we plan to train to be a therapy dog. During the last two weeks, she has developed a great relationship with our 11-year-old Chihuahua. She already sleeps through the night and is doing so well, especially with our granddaughters when they come to visit.

We appreciate all the help and guidance you have provided in choosing her. Xena has exceeded our expectations, as she is smart and such a quick learner. We are so thankful that we found you and your exceptional German Shepherds. Thank you for all the care you provided to us in choosing our puppy. Attached is a picture of our beauty.

Warmest Regards,

Terry and Denis Tighe













Best buddies!


 We are loving our Misha and she is such a sweet girl. 

Thanks for everything!!


Anne O.







Hi George,

We wanted to let you know how happy we are with Sammy.  He has exceeded all of our expectations and seems to defy many of the potentially stressful "new puppy" stereotypes for which we've prepared ourselves.  He adjusted to his new home very quickly and from the beginning he has slept through the night without whining and is an overall happy, well behaved, and calm pup. Our vet also confirmed he was healthy and has an amazing temperament.  We also wanted to thank you for your patience in answering all of our (many) questions throughout the process.  We never felt any pressure , and we could tell you only wanted the best outcomes for the pups and your customers.

Here are some pictures of Sammy at 10 weeks.


Thanks for everything!

Alicia and Dan




 Hey George,

I just wanted to reach out and say hello. And also to send you pictures of Schatzi.

He is such a good boy! Hope you’re doing well! Here are some pictures for you.
Take care!












We picked up our new puppy last Saturday and she has been such a good girl!
The whole process was so smooth and easy to deal with.
The communication was great!
I will never get a German Shepherd anywhere else.
We will definately be back.
Thank you so much George!!!
Filip and Anne











Hey George, I hope you are all well. Diesel is great. He is such a good boy. 



I love seeing pictures of your dogs and their litters.

Say hi to your wife for me.






Just wanted to check in since Koda just passed his 1 year mark in

September. Seems to have started growing again, had hit a plateau and

wasn't eating much. He has been eating his full breakfast and dinner

now and when I weighed him the other night he was up to 72 pounds. Not

sure how much bigger he is going to end up being.

At just past his 6 month mark we sent him for a two week training with

off leash k-9, actually sent him and our lab. He walks amazingly now

and is right on cue, and always eager to please.

He has been trouble free medical wise, think hes finally figuring out

his legs and he can run with some speed now.

Attached a couple pics for you.

Thanks, Jon











Not only is the breeder a remarkable and knowledgeable man,

he also has the most beautiful GSD's.

I am so pleased to have my now 4 month old male baby.

He is the most beautiful, smart, and well 

behaved dog. I can't thank you enough George!





Hi George,

This is how Gracie looked at  6 and a half months.

She is affectionate and has a great temperament.

We sent her for training for 8 weeks to what I call "boot camp" 

in New Hope to Absolute K9.

She is very strong and needed a strong hand in training.


Below is a facebook video from a customer who recently purchased one of our puppies!

Hi George,

Looks like Holly is getting very comfortable with her new home .



Hi George,


I hope everything is good, Skip is doing great, lots of energy and very obedient. He gets compliments everywhere! The weather is getting nicer, I will take photos soon to share with you. Please go ahead and use the first photo, just not the second one.


Best Regards,

  We have received so many compliments on Aghi.  Our vet said that he is a really nicely built dog, great topline and movement.  Our trainer wanted to know his pedigree...said that he already shows confidence after his first class!


Most importantly WE love him.  I will send some pics.  He is already 27 pounds, up from 15.


Kraken is soooo loving, especially with the children – he adores them, and they are so proud and devoted to him!  He spends hours walking with them, playing with them, sitting with them…anything they do, he is game!  We love him, plain and simple.


For all his playful sweetness, he is absolutely protective.  While my husband was away for two weeks overseas, someone tried to get into our house at 10:30 at night.  Hopefully it was a case of mistaken house, but I don’t know because whoever it was took off.  When I heard the door try to be opened, Kraken was at the door before I could even get out of my chair.

I have never seen him before or since like that, and I am so grateful for his size, sound, strengthand loyalty.

Thank you, George, for giving us the most wonderful dog in Kraken!!

"Hi George, hope you and your family are having a great spring season. Jared and I wanted to send you some pictures of Yukon. He is getting really big (60 pounds at 4.5 months). He is the most wonderful dog and we love him so much. He has a great temperament-very protective but also really playful

and friendly with other dogs and people. His coloring has changed so much we thought you would enjoy seeing him."

Best Wishes,
Nicole & Jared

Hi George,

I attached a couple of recent pics. The first one was taken yesterday. second one is a month old.  Not a great pic but you can see how good he is
in the middle of those kids. Not a lot of dogs would be comfortable in the situation.  He Is !!!

Tucker is doing great! He absolutely loves kids! He goes to all of mysons practices and just cant wait to go run with them when practice is over.
We have completed 2 phases of obedience training.  Beginner
obediance and Phase II   Off Leash. He was great! Very willing and eager to train.  

He loves training! We are currently taking classes to get the Canine Good Citizen title. As usual he is doing great!

Thanks again for a truly amazing dog!

Hey George,


Thanks for the great pictures of the dogs as newborns.


I've included a few pictures that we have of our (no longer) puppy, Duke. He is doing great and constantly staying busy chasing deer around the yard, playing with the neighbors dogs, and being taken on runs in the park. As my sister said, "Duke is an awesome dog who loves playing and meeting new people and animals. He is super intelligent, knowing how to open doors, give people hugs, and sometimes throw some punches. He is a great dog and I love him."


As the one picture shows, Duke's favorite spot is sitting on an ottoman looking like he's ready to have a serious conversation. If not there, Duke's second favorite spot is sitting in the back of the car hoping that someone will take him on a ride.


Duke is one great dog and we are so thankful for him. Not only is he a very handsome dog, his intelligence and overall attitude makes it impossible not to love him.


Thank you for everything George and Watchman GSD,


The Salantri family

There is never a dull moment with Max. Loves being outdoors at all times and loves eating and playing around in the snow. I think the best part sometimes it’s when we are talking to him and he just tilts his head. Always trying to please us. George does a fantastic job with breeding German shepherds. He communicated with us constantly giving us updates on how the puppies and dogs were doing. Couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

"Hi George, I saw you had another litter. Our pup from your first litter is doing awesome. I couldn't have asked for a better dog. Nice Job. I will spread the word on this litter. Our dog is almost finished level 2 obedience at the Canine Academy in Pendel, PA. We are working on off leash, and our trainer who trains Schutzhund said our dog has a perfect temperament! She very much likes this dog! See attached recent picture of Tucker at 6 months of age."



Frank M. 


Hi George,


It's Janine and Anthony, we met you on Saturday when we picked up "green collar" Schatzi. He is so great. We love him so much already. What a great dog! We are so happy.  We will keep in touch of his growth. I'm sure you miss every puppy!! Here is a picture of him on the boat.


Good morning George, 
Just wanted to let you know that this little guy has been amazing.  The other two dogs welcomed him and they became their own little pack. 
He was a trooper on the ride home. Stopped twice and he did his business both times. When we go home, we took him for
first time being walked on a leash he was a little slow but thereafter walked like the other two and likes his walks. 
He seems to have a sense to go the bathroom outside. Only one accident and that was because my daughter waited too long after he woke from a nap, and I told her he needed to go out. Lol
Last night i took him for a walk around 12:30 and he slept on his bed in a pen until 6:30 when someone texted me. Have to turn my phone on vibrate at night. Then Took him out, he did his thing and back to sleep until 8:30. 
Thank you so much for the joy you have brought my family. So far he’s amazing! 
Best regards, 


Hey George,

Vergel is doing well!  He is a bundle of energy, and getting along well with Daisy .  Ears started standing up yesterday! 
 Hope Sherman is doing well! 
THANKS for the pictures!!


Hi George,

Reilly seems to have adjusted well. Sleeping in crate, not crying much and has adapted well with two of our three pets. One cat seem to be a little afraid of her. Overall, things are going very well. Will keep you informed as to Reilly's progress.

Jimmy and Carole



Hi George,
Everything is going great!! He's a little trouble maker, but so darn cute and cuddly. Those pictures turned out great! You can use them on your site. 
I'll be posting more pictures of Rick on Facebook to keep you updated :)



Hey George. Hunter is doing great!
He's always off chewing on something and playing with his toys. 
When he's not doing that he likes to sleep. 
Everywhere we go he gets loads of compliments, and he's always very friendly to everyone.
Thank you,


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  • Anthony (Wednesday, August 24 16 07:37 am EDT)


    Riley is doing great! She is rambunctious and mischievous. She has settled in wonderfully, and has already learned how to behave on a leash, sit and heal! She is incredibly smart.

    Our house has been full since we brought her home, everyone wants to meet her.

    Thanks again for the great GSD and the wonderful purchasing experience.

    The Marino Family

  • Brendan Moretti (Tuesday, February 24 15 02:30 pm EST)

    When I first met George I was there to look at his pups and to meet the mother and father. George was more then happy to answer any and all of my questions and was friendly and patient the entire
    time the first time I was there I stayed for atleast 2 hours. I was welcomed back 2 more times after that after I had already chosen my puppy. He was always friendly and truly gave off a warm open
    family vibe. On top of the fact that his whole family was extremely welcoming he clearly knew his dogs as the sire is an exceptional physical specimen and has a great disposition. The mother is an
    absolute sweetheart and is an absolutely beautiful girl. The puppies were all clean and well cared for living in a healthy incitement. I got my little girl Piper who I couldn't be happier with about
    3 weeks ago she's extremely intelligent and was house broken within the 1rst week and has proven herself to be very trainable and also a cuddle bug and very playful. I couldn't be happier with my pup
    and will deffinitely be getting my next dog from George and his wife Jodi

  • Jim S. (Friday, February 20 15 01:07 pm EST)

    After searching around for a new German shepherd to bring home, my family and I came across Watchman German Shepherds and immediately fell in love with their dogs. The dogs were beautiful and George
    was very helpful in answering any and all of our questions. Originally I had only intended on looking at the dogs and gathering information about them, but after seeing these beautiful puppies and
    their parents there was no question that we were taking one from George and Watchman German Shepherds. Our dog, Duke, is wonderful and in great health thanks to the care that he was given before
    coming to our home. We are very happy with our puppy and overjoyed that we came to this wonderful breeder. Thanks for providing us with a wonderful, fun, intelligent dog, George!

  • Cory Stuebner & Cassie Vaughn (Thursday, February 19 15 01:20 am EST)

    When we first went too pick out our puppy, we spent about an hour there playing with the puppies and getting to know them. Any question we had George went above and beyond too answer our questions.
    This is our first German Shepherd in our new home and we couldn't be happier! George and his wife have so much passion for this great breed of dog and it shows in their puppies. They take great pride
    in what they do! We will defiantly be buying another in the future from George and his wife! Thank you for everything!

  • John Soboleski (Tuesday, February 17 15 08:55 pm EST)

    George and Jodi made finding a puppy such a wonderful and enjoyable process. When speaking with the Finnegan's and visiting their home you could instantly tell the love and pride they show for all
    their dogs. They take the time to answer all your questions and ease any concerns. If you're in the market for a new family addition I couldn't think of a better breeder to turn to. Thanks so much!

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